Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Stafford Loans

  • Subsidized Stafford Loans are need-based plus don’t accrue interest throughout the student’s amount of time in college. Just offered to undergraduates.
  • Unsubsidized Stafford Loans are non-need-based and do accrue interest through the student’s amount of time in college. Offered to undergraduates and graduate/professional pupils.

Federal Perkins and Nursing Loans

• For pupils showing significant economic need. These usually do not accrue interest throughout the student’s amount of time in college.

Federal Direct PLUS Loans

• offered to moms and dads of reliant undergraduates, and/or graduate students. These do accrue interest through the student’s amount of time in college.

Federal figuratively speaking can be obtained to pupils who will be:

  • Us residents or permanent residents.
  • Matriculated.
  • Enrolled at minimum half time (6 credit hours per term) in a degree-seeking system.

To be able to get federal loans for a program or courses, this course(s) must:

  • Participate a matriculated degree-seeking system.
  • Not be audited courses.

Rates of interest for Federal Loans

Loan Type Borrower Type Fixed Rate Of Interest
Federal Direct Stafford Loan Undergraduate Students 4.53%
Federal Direct Stafford Loan Graduate/Professional Students 7.08%
Federal Perkins/Nursing Loan Undergraduate Students 5.00%
Federal Direct PLUS Loan moms and dads of Dependent Undergraduates and
Graduate/Professional Students

Note: Above numbers relate genuinely to loans first disbursed on or after July 1, 2019 and ahead of July 1, 2020.

Annually Federal Loan Borrowing Limits

12 months in School (acquired Undergraduate Credits) Dependent Undergraduate Students Independent Undergraduate Students Graduate Students
First Year
(0–23 earned credits)
$5,500 (a maximum of $3,500 subsidized) $9,500 (only $3,500 subsidized) N/A
Second Year
(24–55 earned credits)
$6,500 (only $4,500 subsidized) $10,500 (a maximum of $4,500 subsidized) N/A
3rd Year
(56–87 earned credits)
$7,500 (only $5,500 subsidized) $12,500 (a maximum of $5,500 subsidized) $20,500 unsubsidized
Fourth Year
(88–128 earned credits)
$7,500 (only $5,500 subsidized) $12,500 (only $5,500 subsidized) N/A
Fifth 12 months
(129+ earned credits)
$7,500 (a maximum of $5,500 subsidized) $12,500 (a maximum of $5,500 subsidized) N/A

Aggregate or “Lifetime” Limits

Dependent Undergraduate Students Independent Undergraduate Students Graduate Students
$31,000 (a maximum of $23,000 subsidized) $57,500 (only $23,000 subsidized) $138,500 (No more than $65,000 subsidized; includes undergraduate loans)

Reducing or Canceling Loans

It is possible to compose a request to your educational funding therapist by e-mail, fax, or mail that is postal. Needs must come straight through the pupil; parent demands won’t be honored. It is possible to later request to revive such loans if you need to, once again having a written demand, and you also should do therefore ahead of the end associated with educational 12 months or term where you might be enrolled.

Federal Loan Needs

You have to finish what’s needed down the page to formally accept any federal loan you may possibly have been offered and also to enable the loan to disburse to your pupil payment account because of the University. You merely need certainly to finish these demands as soon as throughout your time at Rochester, and you’ll require your personal FSA ID. You are encouraged by us to save lots of all your valuable information electronically for the documents.

  1. Log on to your FAOnline account and then click the documents that are‘Required display screen.
  2. Any documents that are outstanding be detailed as perhaps Not gotten.
  3. Remember that you may have to complete requirements for a couple of various loan kinds. As an example, a student that is undergraduate have qualified for the federal direct loan and a federal Perkins loan. That pupil would have to finish a master note that is promissory entrance guidance for every loan.
  4. Moms and dads can see whether they’re lacking any documents linked to the federal Parent PLUS loan by having their student check FAOnline or by calling the school funding workplace straight.
  5. Sign your Electronic Master Promissory Note (eMPN). Get the full story below.
  6. Complete loan entrance guidance. Learn more below.

All first-time borrowers of the federal direct loan at the University of Rochester must signal an eMPN. Signing the eMPN is just a ten-step procedure and will need at the least half an hour.

We’re going to get a notice that is electronic the eMPN happens to be finalized and it is legitimate. At that right time, your Federal Direct Loan would be planned for disbursement.

Take note: it really is a federal breach to perform kinds or demands for a financial loan of that you simply aren’t the main debtor.

Federal Direct Loan Entrance Counseling

All first-time borrowers at the University of Rochester must complete loan entrance counseling in addition to the eMPN. This session shall simply simply just take about 25–30 moments. We’re going to get an electric observe that the entry guidance happens to be completed and it is legitimate within two business times of you doing the requirement online.

Throughout the entry counseling session, you will discover:

  • Your legal rights and obligations being a debtor.
  • Information about interest rates, costs, payment plans, along with other crucial information about borrowing.
  • Whom to get hold of with concerns.

You may try to pass the test 3 times. You must contact your financial aid counselor to set up an in-person session if you do not pass on your third attempt.

Take note: it’s a federal breach to accomplish kinds or demands for the loan of that you simply aren’t the borrower that is primary.

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