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Knowing the size also lets you decide between a gas and an electric model. This is important because both models have their individual pros and cons. A gas-powered trimmer will be ideal for a large yard, while an electric one will perfectly fit into a small lawn. Lacking an internal combustion engine makes electric weed eaters lighter than their gas-powered counterparts. As the name suggests, these trimmers get powered using gasoline engines.

  • So, even for such small areas as cracks between stones – this is a great option.
  • This is only a 6.5amp motor but it is more than powerful enough to slice through thick weeds as if they are not there.
  • Buying a new trimmer only to discover it’s a tad too heavy is going to result in a major arm workout.
  • My yard is 95 x 150 and I’m on my 3rd trimming with 2 bars out of 3 using low speed.
  • Although the cut path is only 12″, the machine has the ability to allow users to extend the line by pressing the button.
  • In fact the handle is another nice feature – it is easily adjust by unlocking a lever and without the need to remove the battery and the it has padding on it which further absorbs the vibration.
  • But in our quest to find the top-rated weed eater, the Husqvarna Straight Shaft was the clear favorite.
  • You’ll find gas weed eater models that have a single trim line or a dual line, and both are good options in their own right.
  • This lean mean landscaping machine also includes a wide safety guard for increased user safety as well as a shoulder harness to make the load a little lighter.

A single cutting line is easier to thread than a twin line, but the twin line can give you a better cut. Straight shafts are best used for large yards or commercial properties. They are sometimes referred to as brush-cutters and they are more heavy-duty and powerful. They also have a longer reach, which makes them ideal tools for more demanding jobs such as eradicating dense undergrowth and reaching under bushes and fences.

Electric Weed Eaters Buyers Guide

The more power a weed trimmer has, the tougher the grass and weeds it can tackle. We evaluated and compared cordless and corded electric string trimmers and found that regardless of the power source, if you choose a trimmer with enough power, you can trim efficiently. If you prefer a curved shaft weed wacker, then the Remington RM2510 Rustler will serve you well. This is a 25cc 2-cycle gas weed eater with a curved shaft, making it lightweight and easy to maneuver making trimming your lawn more comfortable. It has a Tap ‘N’ Go cutting head, which feeds the line automatically once the head is tapped into the ground avoiding work interruption.

BLACK+DECKER is one of the most well-known manufacturers of high-quality home and garden power tools. As well as being dedicated to making durable and reliable gardening equipment, they are also committed to making environmentally friendly products. Battery powered weed eaters are justifiably becoming more popular. The WORX WG154 is another that is at a great price, very light and incredibly comfortable to use.

The Top 5 Commercial Weed Eaters Reviewed

It’s got a smart start, making it always start on the first pull. Plus it’s lightweight, especially compared to other straight shaft string trimmer models. The trimmer line spool is easy to replace, and in a pinch you can always use it as an edger. I’ve also never had issues with the carburetor, which is more than I can say for most weed eaters. It features a 25cc two-cycle engine, decent cutting width of 16 inches, and a curved shaft for ease of use. Adding to its user-friendliness is its lightweight design , QuickStart technology for much easier engine start-ups, and a bump head design to make feeding the trimmer a lot simpler.

How to Buy a String Trimmer in 3 Easy Steps –

How to Buy a String Trimmer in 3 Easy Steps.

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At 42.7 ccs it is not the most powerful out there, but it does have enough power to help you to get the job done. If you are dealing with serious weed problems, then this model can be enough to help you to take care of it all. It is easy to use, simple to start, and also features a gasoline-powered engine. This Proyama model does come with a changeable head, helping you to swap between a string cutting head or a toothed blade.

With this top-rated gas weed eater, the Husqvarna 324L, all those problems are over. This becomes important when you have a lot of space to cover or odd shaped areas in your yard. The cutting swath of gas string trimmers can be as small as a 10-inch radius, but there are models such as the Craftsman WS205 that has a 17-inch radius. The RM2510 is a little heavier than many other gas string trimmers at 13 pounds, but this a small price to pay for this powerful performance. However, it is still light enough to be maneuverable around your yard, so you won’t need a truck to carry it around your property. One of the stand out features of this trimmer is that it is easy to maintain.

This 2-stroke trimmer is pretty interesting because it is one of those models which are known as the gas weed eaters on sale. It means that you can save money with it, but you don’t have to sacrifice quality or performance. This trimmer comes with the 28cc 2-cycle engine, which makes it as strong as the first gas trimmer I have mentioned in my gas string trimmer reviews. Besides this strong engine, the trimmer comes with numerous user-friendly features like the spring assisted starting system for an easier start or Tap’N’Go head for easier control and head change.

​#2 Husqvarna 324l 4

If the idea of an electric trimmer sounds like the better option, you’ll have to choose between a corded trimmer or one that runs on battery power. A battery-powered trimmer is also going to be a little heavier than the corded option. If you do decide to go the gas trimmer route, you’ll have to decide between a two-cycle engine and a four-cycle engine. You can usually find the two-cycle model under $200 and they’re powered by both gas and oil.

You get a wide cutting range with this WORX model, delivering over a foot of cutting distance without any lost run-time or single line-feed. It releases in seconds too- adjusting to the perfect position for your body, through a myriad of different tilting options. This means that it’s ergonomic for your needs; especially if you need to use best gas weed eater this trimmer for a long period of time. While we could have judged this contest based on power, cutting swath, cost, or any number of other criteria, we find reliability to be the most important one. Everyone likes those extra perks, but the most important thing is to have a trimmer that will work consistently for many years to come.

The Best Weed And Feed For Spring Lawn Application

This trimmer also features a dual line bump head to automatically release line as you’re working, so you don’t need to stop to adjust the line. This combined with the 17.7 inch cutting swath ensures that the GTS4QL-L can make lightweight of your yard tasks. While the PR28SD is a little heavier than some other trimmers at 14 pounds, it does have the additional power of a 28cc engine. This is a powerful 2 stroke engine that can tackle more heavy duty yard work, so it is worth the additional weight. If you’re looking for the best home gas string trimmer, then the Husqvarna 128CD is certainly worthy of consideration.

best gas weed eater

If this sounds like you, and you want a great string trimmer that won’t cost you a fortune, then this model from GreenWorks is right up your alley. Since it’s a 2-cycle, straight-shaft gas string trimmer, it also offers a great deal of versatility. It has a good long drive shaft, enabling you to maneuver around trees and other obstacles with ease. It’s not like using a rechargeable battery, where you’d have to have an extra battery or wait ​hours before the battery becomes fully charged. This article highlights some of the best gas weed eater on the market. I’ve used a Black & Decker trimmer for years, and every time I have light to moderate trimming or edging needs that are within the reach of an extension cord, it’s the tool I choose.

It uses an EASYFEED system which allows you to advance the 0.065inch line at the push of a button and it has a two speed setting for the trimmer – operating at either 5,200rpm or 7,500rpm. Those looking for a good weed eater with an excellent line feeding system. The battery life is so so, you get around 30 minutes use, and it takes around five hours to fully recharge, so it is best if you either have a small yard or get a second battery. Overall, this is really well-built, resilient, rugged and well made. It has plenty of power and will be perfect for slightly larger yard owners who don’t mind dealing with a cord. You will notice the build quality straight away as it is definitely above average and feels sturdy and well made.

It weighs 11 lbs and its detachable shaft enables a tool-less and easy separation for easy transport and storage. This also allows up to 11 different attachments with a simple ‘Click On’ install to get a hedge trimmer, brush-cutter, tree pruner, and lots more. Whether it is trimmer to edger function, or the anti-vibration feature, or maybe the shoulder straps to help ease the heavy load? All of these things, no matter how little, matter in the long run.

Which Is Better 2 Cycle Or 4 Cycle Trimmer?

Owners appreciate the 223L’s easy-loading bump head and the powerful Smart Start 24.5cc 2-stroke engine that requires minimal effort to start. Engine vibration rate has been noted as better than some units, but not great. Another standout feature is ease of head replacement—some users can do it in under a minute. The .095 Cross-Fire line can handle both thick and tall grass in one pass and, amazingly, there have been virtually no issues with the line feed working improperly. Besides providing nearly flawless performance, the SRM-225 features an anti-vibration design, translucent fuel tank, built-in arm rest, and ergonomic left and right cushioned handles.

The best string trimmers and weed wackers you can buy – Business Insider India

The best string trimmers and weed wackers you can buy.

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If you choose to purchase the starting accessory, you will like the Jump Start feature that allows you to turn over the engine using a hand drill or the dedicated Jump Start motorized starter. This is an awesome feature for those who get frustrated with pull-cord starting of small engines or lack the muscle power to be able to start them, such as smaller women or young people. We think you’ll really like the Husqvarna 324L 4 stroke 17 inch string trimmer for its all around quality, user satisfaction and ease of use. Husqvarna is a solid brand that has been around for a very long time and maintained its high reputation throughout its history so you can’t go wrong there. This particular model is somewhat heavy so you’ll probably want to add a strap or harness.

One of the products that Milwaukee takes great pride in is the Milwaukee M18 string trimmer. The Milwaukee weed eater runs on a battery platform with three striking features. In addition to the powerful 2-cycle gas-powered engine, Lawnmaster weed eaters also feature comfortable handles and modern design which help users to work more easily and comfortably. If you are concerned about the environment, you can opt for a battery-powered or electric Stihl weed eater instead of an oil-based one. These groundbreaking lawn mowers are lightweight, easy to start, and less noise during operation.

Apart from the products, we have also listed factors you need to consider when shopping for the best gas-powered trimmer, together with some of the most frequently asked questions. Also, remember to click on the buttons below to get their best Amazon deals that are currently available now. It has a reliable fuel line made out of polymer, and the engine starts with a single pull most of the time. If the starting line is an annoyance to you, consider looking for a model with a different option. This avoids cluttering your new edge with debris as well as clogging your weed wacker. If you want the most maneuverability and the best access to weeds and undergrowth under trees and shrubs, a straight-shaft tool is usually the better option.

It is surprisingly powerful – and will deal with thick weeds easily – and the trimmer cord is really durable and cuts well and shouldn’t need to be changed too much. The handle is really easy to adjust and feels good, switching the cutting length is easy and going from trimming to edging couldn’t be simpler. As a trimmer the 120v electric motor provides sufficient power to cut through notoriously tricky plants such asEnglish Boxwoodand Forsythia. The 180 degree head rotation is a smart feature, just adjust a sleeve on the shaft and then you can quickly and easily rotate the head 180 degree to convert it into an edger.

best gas weed eater

There is an aluminum casing on this model which helps to reduce vibrations, meaning that you can work in comfort. The whole shaft is lightweight and durable, which is great for comfort when using. The trimmer head means that you can quickly change the line feed for a twin line cutting system, meaning a quick and easy change.

Also, it has an adjustable handle, allowing you to make adjustments to suit your height. The handle also comes with a soft grip, making it comfortable to hold for long jobs. Another key thing to inspect when assessing the engine is the number of cycles. Engines are classified as either ​​two stroke or four stroke engines. The ​2 stroke cylinder engines require a blend of gas and oil while the ​4 stroke ​has a different compartments for the petrol and lubricant. For gardeners, having a good collection of gardening tools makes it easier and more enjoyable to spend time working the land.

The Momiloe US is also designed to be compatible with different attachments, so you can customize your trimmer to suit your yard needs throughout the year. The GT-255 is also a highly durable piece of garden equipment, so you won’t need to worry about it breaking if your yard is not 100% free of rocks or other obstacles. Echo appreciates that most yards have obstacles, and the entire trimmer line is built to easily withstand any potential obstacles. If damage does occur, buying new parts can be incredibly expensive.

The size of the property you’ll be working on is one of the first considerations you should make because it helps you to figure out the weed eater’s ideal power rating. If you have lots of ground to cover in as little time as possible, then a gas-powered trimmer is what you need because it works faster than electric models. And whether your choice of a gas-powered weed eater is actually the right choice?

This has a two string loading mechanism that is simple to use, simply slip the replacement line into the holes on the trimmer head and you will be good to go in less than a minute. Those wanting a two-stroke model that is very easy to start and reliable. AlsoHusqvarnahave developed a Smart Start system, designed to ensure their devices start with the minimum of fuss. This one does, it is really easy to start and nearly always starts on the first pull.

The first weed eaters used gas engines as well until technological developments made the electric models possible. The Poulan Pro PR25SD is a straight shaft and 2-stroke trimmer perfectly fitted for taking care of demanding lawn maintenance jobs around the home. In addition to that, the shaft features Troy-Bilt’s TrimmerPlus technology with attachments to turn this weed eater into different tools like a pole saw, a blower, an edger, and a cultivator. The weed eater is the perfect tool for trimming your yard and sidewalk after a mowing session. This trimming job then brings out the best in your lawn with well-defined edges and clean-cut corners. Overall, if you need a versatile tool for heavy-duty trimming and edging, this type of weed eaters will work for you.


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