Two Guys and a Wedding began in 2006 under the leadership of Vann Cochran and Steve Vickers. For years, the duo assisted couples with officiating services, as well as photography services. Vann’s wife, Sue also photographed many couples throughout the years as part of the company.

Unfortunately, Steve passed away in April, 2023. Vann announced his retirement in November of 2023. Over the years, Alan, worked with both Steve and Vann to assist during times of heavy demand. Upon Vann’s announcement of retirement, he passed the traditions that were established by Two Guys and A Wedding to Alan, who has 28 years of officiating experience. Alan officially purchased the business in November of 2023.

Two Guys And A Wedding will help to make your day unique and special, whether you are before a large gathering of family and friends, or having a small intimate service, elopement or vow renewal. In the near future, we plan to offer ceremonial music, photography and premarital counseling. We would be happy to entertain ideas or dreams you would like to see come to reality.

Meet Alan

Alan has been officiating weddings since 1995, when he received his Master of Divinity Degree from the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Columbia, SC. After serving in the parish ministry, Alan now devotes his time to working with couples to have the ceremony of their dreams for the past 28 years. In those years, Alan has officiated numerous weddings of different sizes, with couples of all different ages, and all over the state of South Carolina, as well as other states.

Alan takes pride in structuring each and every ceremony to fit the couple’s desires. Whether it is a religious or a civil ceremony, an elopement, or a vow renewal, each one is crafted to reflect the couple’s wishes. Upon request, Alan will also attend and assist with your wedding rehearsal.

Alan will be happy to discuss all possible scenarios with you, so please reach out to us for discussion. From planning your ceremony, to performing the wedding and mailing in your marriage license, Alan is ready to work with you to make the day of your dreams come true.


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